plywood types

Plywood Types

Plywood Types

Plywood are homogeneous panels obtained by pressing the veneers in a single layer under high pressure in such a way that the fiber directions intersect each other perpendicularly. Plywood is a type of plate with a wide variety of products that can make you sail the vast seas. It has many uses in our daily life, and many of the things we see around us are made of plywood. The use of plywood is becoming more and more indispensable and will probably be any more useful in all wood-related flooring solutions in the future. That’s why knowing about the different types of plywood and their applications becomes important in every aspect. There are plywood types that are categorized in terms of the wood they are made from, the purpose of use, and sustainability.

Soft Wood Plywood

Softwood plywood; It is a type of plywood obtained from the peeling veneer of low-density logs with leaves and conifers. They are light, easy to use and easy to handle In addition to being environmentally friendly with general use, they can also withstand heavy use.  It is preferred in places where lightness and load balance are important.

Hard Plywood

It is more commonly produced from veneers of wood peeling veneers such as birch or beech that are glued together with a hot press. It is preferred where intense durability and protection are required.

Decorative Plywood

This plywood is for decorative purposes. It is obtained by covering the surfaces of standard plywood with coatings such as laminate, melamine coating, solid wood. It is mostly used to create furniture and special decorative surfaces.

Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood as the name suggests, this type of plywood is flexible and is used for making curved parts. It is a bendable plywood type. It is frequently used in the production of decorative furniture. Its strength is quite high. Among forest products, there is no other product so flexible and at the same time so durable. In line with the advantages of stretching ability, many different decorative products can be produced.

Marine Plywood (Water Contra)

It is obtained by pressing standard coatings with water-resistant adhesives. WBP (Phenol Formaldehyde) glue is commonly used. The plywood industry is slowly moving towards producing more valuable, diverse products. The consumer is also looking for strong and durable solutions for the areas they will use, and therefore, they turn to more plywood types in reliable brands. If we need to elaborate all these plywood types further, we can also consider the subject as follows;

  • poplar plywood
  • birch plywood
  • beech plywood
  • flexible plywood
  • melamine plywood

As can be understood from the above, plywood types can be determined according to the tree type used in its production. Depending on the unique characteristics and structure of each tree, plywood types are determined and the areas where they will be used are selected according to their durability. For example, birch plywood, which is one of the most durable plywood types, can be used in boat construction because it shows superior durability in contact with water. Compared to wooden material, plywood is the most durable furniture and decoration material that can be used in today’s conditions. Birch plywood, which is known for its durability in contact with water, has passed through certain production stages and has such a high durability. Birch plywood is resistant to water due to the nature of birch wood, but without WBP glue, plywood cannot show superior durability in contact with water. A plywood glued with WBP glue; It has a very solid and strong structure that can withstand boiling water for up to 72 hours.

Poplar Plywood

It is plywood obtained using only poplar wood. Considering its structural features, we can say that it is a very durable plywood type.  Although the construction and furniture sectors are the most preferred sectors, they can be preferred for many sectors.  Thanks to the WBP adhesive, it becomes water resistant and can be suitable for boat building. It is a type of plywood that can have different thicknesses and lengths. It can also be used indoors by gluing with urea glue. Poplar plywood plate should be at least 3 layers. Very thin plywoods may not show the desired durability.  Poplar plywood can be used in many different sectors with its nail holding feature. Among these sectors, there are sectors such as hobby, advertising, home decoration, boat manufacturing.

Birch Plywood

The unique structure of birch has made this plywood the most durable plywood among the plywood varieties. The combination of the durable structure of the tree and the WBP glue resulted in plywood with superior strength properties. It is a type of plywood whose surface quality is quite smooth and neat. There is no cracking between the plates. It should be a structure consisting of at least 3 layers.

Beech Plywood

It is produced entirely using beech wood. Beech marine plywood, which is a combination of birch and beech wood, is also produced in line with some special demands. It can be used in different industries such as decoration, construction, furniture and shipbuilding. It is also known as water contra. Beech plywood produced using WBP adhesive is highly resistant to water and is used for a long time.

Melamine Plywood

It is a colored plywood variety. It can be used in different decorative applications and furniture making. It is a type of film plywood. A durable plywood type is obtained by covering it with films of different colors. It is a very common type of plywood.

As you can see, there are many types of plywood. Each type of plywood has its own characteristics and degrees of strength.