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High quality birch plywood manufacturer


Severny Plywood Mill is a modern and ambitious enterprise for the production of large-format plywood with increased water resistance.

The enterprise is equipped with high-precision equipment with a production capacity of over 30,000 m3 of plywood per year.

The raw material is 100% birch veneer from Kazakhstan.



In the northernmost point of Kazakhstan, in the city of Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan Province, next to the birch forests, we produce birch plywood with the highest quality raw materials in accordance with EN 636 European standards. We have an annual capacity of 30,000 m3. We have an effective quality management from raw material purchase to production process and packaging. We have a structure that closely follows and implements new production techniques in the world. The plywoods that we produce with our modern equipment and experienced staff focused on customer demands are very popular in the European market these days. Our company, which pays great attention to its sensitivity to nature, ecological factors, employee rights and social responsibilities, has certificates issued by companies that carry out international studies on this subject.

SFK Plywood


Birch Plywood (EXT) with all grades E,I(B), II(BB), III(CP) and IV(C). Sanded and not sanded. Thickness range (4mm to 40mm)

Film Faced Plywood

Birch plywood (F/F) Our plywoods in all thicknesses from 6.5mm to 30mm are covered with phenol film at 120 gr/m2 or the density to be determined by the customer. This type of plywood, which is generally used in the construction industry, has the feature that it can be used more than 50 times.

Birch Plywood (F/W) Our plywoods in all thicknesses from 6.5mm to 30mm are coated with 120 gr/m2 or phenolic film in different densities as requested by the customer. One side of this product is smooth and the other side is called wiremesh. Wiremesh side is non-slip surface. Widely used in cold stores, wharves and trailers.

Our Products


It is widely used in many industries such as furniture, flooring, construction, packaging, shipbuilding, cold storage and vehicle trailers.

Our products are used in the entire European market, mainly in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our Customers


  • Our products are made from 100% birch wood. Like many other companies, mix product production is not carried out.
  • Our products are covered by our warranty until the end user’s use.
  • The film we use in our Film Faced products is the world’s highest quality Surfactor brand films originating in Germany.
  • We are a fully integrated factory from log to end product.
  • We are making 100% Kazakhstan production plywood. Our European customers can import our products without any sanctions by paying 7% customs duty for the plywood we produce.
  • The logs we use are cut with the permission of the Kazakhstan government, and the log documents are given to our customers in accordance with the European EUTR regulations.

Qualified personnel is the most important part of our quality system. The main value of the enterprise is its employees. The company employs well-coordinated and qualified personnel. In our customer service, we work with a focus on customer experience and from this point of view, we comply with deadlines and quality requirements. We help solve customers’ needs and problems. We stay in touch and provide support.

Why SFK?


  • We have wagon transport to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
  • We have truck transport for Western European countries.
  • Our approximate package dimensions are 2550 x 1300 x 650.

Our main principle is first and foremost the quality of the product. Long-term relationships with customers and partners are important to us. Our mission is development, knowledge and experience. The basis of our customer-oriented service policy comes from priority product quality.

With high performance, the annual production capacity of the company is over 30,000 m3 of plywood. It is produced with the sensitivity of customer satisfaction in all requested dimensions. Our advantages, what we offer our clients.

Our Advantages

What We Offer to Our Clients?

High performance

The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 20,000 m3 of plywood per year.

Quality products

High quality birch veneer, first grade formaldehyde resin and film from Germany.

Qualified staff

The main value of the enterprise is its people. The company employs well-coordinated and qualified personnel.

Precise equipment

We work on reliable, high-precision equipment. We strictly adhere to production technologies.

Customer service

We comply with the deadlines and quality requirements. We help to solve the needs and problems of customers. We stay in touch and provide support.