the advantages of plywood over mdf for furniture making

The Advantages of Plywood over MDF for Furniture Making

The Advantages of Plywood over MDF for Furniture Making

In the realm of furniture making, selecting the right material is paramount to ensure not only aesthetic appeal but also long-lasting quality. Two of the most commonly debated options are plywood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF). While both have their unique characteristics, it is plywood that shines with distinct advantages, making it the preferred choice for many. This article serves as a guide, navigating through the advantages of plywood over MDF in the context of furniture making.

Advantages of Plywood over MDF


Plywood and MDF differ significantly when it comes to durability. Plywood, particularly film-faced birch plywood or exterior plywood grades, is known for its exceptional durability. The unique manufacturing process of plywood, layering thin sheets of wood known as veneers, imparts greater durability than MDF. Plywood slats and hexa plywood resist warping, cracking, and splitting, thereby outlasting MDF in furniture applications.


In terms of sheer strength, plywood again eclipses MDF. The structural integrity of plywood is owed to its layered composition, which increases its resistance to bending. Top plywood brands, such as SFK Plywood, use high-quality veneers and adhesives to manufacture plywood, adding to its inherent strength. Hexa flooring or laminated birch plywood, for instance, can bear more weight than equivalent MDF, making them excellent choices for heavy-duty furniture applications.

Moisture Resistance

For areas where humidity or moisture may be a concern, plywood proves to be a superior option. While both materials can resist moisture to some extent, plywood, especially exterior plywood grades, offers better moisture resistance. UV coated plywood or film-faced plywood, such as those available at SFK Plywood, can provide additional protection against moisture, enhancing the life expectancy of the furniture.


In the age of environmental consciousness, plywood offers a more sustainable choice. Plywood production results in less waste compared to MDF, which makes it a more eco-friendly option. Additionally, plywood, such as Baltic birch plywood or other birch plywood variants, can be sourced from sustainably managed forests, making it a suitable choice for those concerned about the environment.


When it comes to aesthetics, plywood carries the day with its natural wood grain patterns. The visual charm of patterned plywood or thin flexible plywood can significantly enhance the visual appeal of furniture. It can be beautifully finished with a variety of treatments, such as UV prefinished plywood, providing a superior finish over MDF.

Applications of Plywood

Plywood is versatile and finds extensive use in a variety of furniture-making scenarios. It’s an excellent material for crafting intricate furniture pieces, given its strength and durability. From sleek, modern desks made with smooth exterior plywood to robust, comfortable chairs crafted with film face ply, the applications are wide-ranging.

In comparison, furniture made with MDF might not provide the same level of strength, durability, or aesthetics. Furthermore, considering the plywood market price and the plywood industry outlook, it is a sound investment to choose plywood for furniture making, as it ensures longer life and superior quality.

In the face of comparison, plywood clearly demonstrates several advantages over MDF, making it a top choice for furniture making. Whether considering durability, strength, moisture resistance, sustainability, or aesthetics, plywood, whether it’s plywood slats, hexa plywood, or any other type, continues to reign supreme.

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