birch plywood for furniture

Birch Plywood for Furniture

Birch Plywood for Furniture

Plywood is a type of plate produced by pressing with high temperature and pressure by gluing the papers obtained by peeling the logs in such a way that the fiber directions are perpendicular to each other. It is widely used because of its durability, non-shrinking and swelling, high mechanical properties, ability to hold nails and screws, easy workability and decorativeness. Plywood is a type of plate that offers you endless options and has a wide variety of products. Plywoods are generally known for their robust structure and long life. However, birch plywood is the most distinctive type, especially known for its water-resistant and robust structure.

Made of birch wood with marine glue, plywood is especially suitable for use at points in contact with moisture. Water resistance ensures longevity. Birch marine plywood is available in dimensions of 1250x2500mm and 1500x3000mm and in various thicknesses such as 4mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm. It is a type of water-resistant birch plywood produced from hardwood logs and is generally suitable for use in the furniture industry.

The panels obtained after the plates cut from birch are pressed using water-resistant glues are called birch plywood. Birch is the name of a tree, and the plates obtained from this tree are more durable than other materials. Birch plywood material, which is generally high quality and water resistant, is used in the construction industry, while it is also safely used in areas such as decoration and furniture making. The reason why it is the most preferred type of plywood is that it is water resistant and durable. It can be used safely by making use of the possibilities of use in every sector.

Birch Plywood Structure and Properties

When the birch plywood properties and structure are examined, the most important feature is that it is water resistant and long lasting. Birch plywood products can be produced in different sizes. It has a measurement system that can be completely shaped according to the wishes and usage area of the users. It can be designed with thicknesses between 3mm and 50mm. Thanks to this flexible use and production feature, it provides ease of use, especially in the furniture and decoration sector. Birch faced plywood is frequently preferred in furniture production to meet the need for decorative appearance and water resistant materials.

Birch is a strong tree that is highly resistant to external conditions. It grows very quickly and is easily cultivated, especially in Scandinavian countries. It is produced as moisture and water resistant due to its structure and suitable types of glue are used as adhesive. It is one of the most preferred plywood group worldwide due to its moisture and water resistance. The fact that it is of good quality and water-resistant also provides economic benefits to the users, and this is one of the reasons why it is first preferred.

The solid and durable structure of birch has made birch plywood the most durable plywood among the plywood varieties. The combination of the natural durable structure of the tree and WBP glue (a type of moisture resistant adhesive) resulted in a plywood with superior strength properties. It is a type of plywood with a very smooth surface quality. There is no cracking or wear between the plates.

What Are Birch Plywood Specifications?

  • It has high resistance to water, moisture and chemical materials.
  • It is more durable.
  • It is light.
  • It has a smooth surface.
  • It can be reused.

Baltic Birch Plywood is among the most preferred ones thanks to its exceptionally durable structure, openness to all kinds of processing and smooth surface. Its surface structure easily grasps materials such as glue, screws and nails with its excellent holding power. Birch plywood is environmentally friendly. They offer high quality ease of use. Baltic Birch is the plywood of choice for many uses because it is inexpensive, durable, holds screws extremely well and is made with waterproof glue.

Birch Plywood Usage Areas and Causes

  1. It is used to produce products in amorphous forms.
  2. It is used in products that must have high flexural strength.
  3. It is used in products that should not be affected by water.
  4. It is used in products that have higher strength, do not absorb water and do not swell from water.
  5. It is used in products that look like wood and need to be stronger than wood.

There are many reasons why plywood users prefer birch plywood. Birch plywood type, which is preferred in all areas of use, has a light, water-resistant and long-lasting structure. This situation also affects birch plywood prices. As the material is not affected by moisture and water, there is no swelling or deformation. Users can easily use the material in a safe and healthy way. The adhesives used for bonding the plates are glue and do not contain chemicals. This also helps to be completely environmentally friendly.

Furniture to be Preferred for Birch Plywood Use

  • Bedstead
  • Garden furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture
  • Skeletons of sitting groups
  • Outdoor cabinet etc. Furniture products

Birch plywood, which has a wide range of uses, has the ability to take shape according to the demand of the consumer and the producer. Thanks to its suitable and more durable structure than wood, it is a preferred material not only in the furniture sector, but also in many sectors. Birch plywood is the most preferred durability material by architects in both interior and exterior design. Since birch plywood product variety provides ease of production, it also ensures that the life of the furniture produced is long.

Birch plywood, which has a healthy and environmentally friendly usage area, can be used safely in every field today due to the advantages it provides and its economically low cost production. In addition to being a preferred building material around the world, it is also extremely safe and healthy to use.