best plywood for laser engraving tips and recommendations

Best Plywood for Laser Engraving: Tips and Recommendations

Best Plywood for Laser Engraving: Tips and Recommendations

Laser engraving is a popular technique used to create intricate designs on various surfaces. It requires precision and accuracy. Plywood is an excellent choice for laser engraving due to its versatility. However, selecting the appropriate plywood, such as film faced birch plywood or birch faced plywood, is crucial in determining the success of the laser engraving process.

Different Types of Plywood for Laser Engraving

Film Faced Birch Plywood

Film faced birch plywood is characterized by its resilience and durability. Topped with a layer of waterproof film, this plywood exhibits a smooth exterior, making it a preferred choice for laser engraving. The hardness of birch provides crisp, clean cuts, making your engraving stand out with a high level of detail.

The benefits of using film faced birch plywood for laser engraving are plentiful. This type of plywood withstands the high heat of the laser without excessive charring, leaving a clean, precise design. Film faced birch plywood can be used for creating signage, intricate art pieces, and even unique furniture design elements.

Hexa Flooring

Hexa flooring is another great option for laser engraving. Known for its distinct hexagonal pattern and robust construction, hexa flooring offers a unique, textured backdrop for laser engraving.

The advantage of using hexa flooring is its added visual interest. The pattern of the plywood combined with the engraving creates a dynamic visual that can elevate the aesthetics of any design. Hexa flooring is ideally suited for creating decorative wall art, patterned furnishings, and standout retail displays.

Birch Faced Plywood

Birch faced plywood is loved for its light color, fine grain, and smooth finish. These features allow for highly detailed engraving, enabling you to bring complex designs to life.

Choosing birch faced plywood for laser engraving offers the advantage of a premium aesthetic. The light surface beautifully contrasts with the burnt engraving, producing an attractive result. This plywood type is commonly used for personalized gifts, bespoke furniture, and intricate art installations.

Plywood Grades

Plywood grades are classifications based on the quality of the wood, impacting its appearance, durability, and suitability for various uses. For laser engraving, choosing the right grade of plywood can significantly influence the quality of your results.

Exterior plywood grades are often resilient and durable, capable of withstanding the intense heat of the laser. On the other hand, thin flexible plywood grades are a perfect choice for projects that require bending or curving the plywood post-engraving.

The right plywood grade for laser engraving ultimately depends on the desired end result. A high-grade birch plywood, for instance, might be ideal for intricate, detailed work due to its fine grain and smooth surface.

Tips for Laser Engraving on Plywood


Properly preparing the plywood before engraving is critical. Sanding the plywood smooths out any surface imperfections, allowing for a cleaner engraving. Cleaning the plywood, typically with a damp cloth, removes any dust or debris that could affect the laser’s path.

Settings and Adjustments

Setting the right laser power and speed depends on the type and thickness of the plywood. Lower speed and higher power settings usually result in darker, deeper engravings, while higher speed and lower power settings produce lighter, shallower engravings. Adjusting the laser’s focus is crucial in ensuring a sharp, precise engraving.


After the engraving process, sealing the engraving protects it from damage and enhances its appearance. Removing debris and residue left behind from the engraving process prevents discoloration and maintains the clarity of the design.

Choosing the right plywood for laser engraving, be it film faced birch plywood, hexa flooring, or birch faced plywood, is a vital first step in achieving high-quality results. Understanding plywood grades and their impact on the end result is equally crucial. Remember, the success of your laser engraving venture depends not only on the materials you choose but also on the care and precision you apply throughout the process.

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